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"If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will."

- Bob Hooey

      In today' competitive world, having a good product is not enough. It has to be strongly supported by the professional approach of a sales team combined with an efficient after sales service. Sales is the vital and foremost module of IMMS. It provides clarity of needs to other key modules such as engineering, production, planning and many more. Some crucial information keyed in here flows throughout IMMS thereby reducing repetitive data entry resulting in less man hours but increased efficiency. Sales module sees through an order right from its inception stage to its execution taking care of all other stages in between. It has been designed to record and handle customer specific needs followed by order related activities and dispatches. Schedules are maintained to achieve timely deliveries. It also helps top management by providing statistical information which is useful to make strategic decisions.

Salient features of Sales Module

  • A comprehensive collection of various types of Customers with their respective Shipment and Payment Terms, Tax and Financial details.    Sample
  • Tax details and other Registration Numbers of each customer are used for excise purposes.
  • Account Group and Ledger name for each customer provides integration with Accounts Receivable in Finance Module.
  • An extensive collection of Products, Spares and Services offered with their Rates. Each entity is recognized by separate references for sales and internal purpose.    Sample
  • Maintains multiple Products ordered by customers with discounts offered.   Sample
  • Unit conversion of a product from its original form to dispatch form is taken care of.
  • Inquiries generated are promptly followed up for meaningful actions.
  • Quotations offered are generated with or without Inquiry reference.
  • Sales Orders are generated with or without Quotation reference.    Sample
  • Robust Dispatch Management keeps a check on all out-goings with quality control.
  • Amendments are allowed to staff that is authorized.
  • A vast but relevant reporting system complete with graphical analysis.

Reporting system of Sales Module

  • Delivery Challan
  • Sales Invoice    Sample
  • Order / OAF Register
  • Inquiry / Quotation Register
  • Proforma Invoice Register
  • Sales Invoice Register
  • Sales Pending Order Report
  • Report for delayed / forth coming Sales deliveries
  • OAF Track Report Sample
  • Sales Return Register
  • Consumption Report Sample
  • Pending Allocation Report
  • Potential Project Report
  • Statistical reports with graphs
    • Overall Analysis
    • Budget Vs Actual Analysis
    • Actual Sales

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