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" You seldom improve quality by cutting costs, but you can often cut costs by improving quality. "

- karl Albrecht

Delivering customer order on time is important but providing customers with value for their money is what truly helps a manufacturing company in longer run to have a satisfied and growing customer base. In today's competitive world, companies can not afford to compromise with quality while rushing to meet production deadlines. In fact Quality Control helps reducing costs by catching defects at an early stage. Quality Control Module of IMMS is a powerful tool that takes care of all quality related functionalities of an enterprise while integrating with Stores and Engineering modules. It defines Control Parameters for items and processes, records quality checks on material received in warehouses from vendors and customers and keeps a check on production quality of on-going Work Orders at shop floors. It maintains reason for rejections thereby helping management to assess a particular vendor or process.


    • Specifies Quality Control related values for each item.   Sample
      • Details include whether quality check for the item is required or not, Lead Time taken for quality checks and Percentage of the sample which should be checked.
      • Also maintains QC Plan for the item by specifying Control Parameters. Values of Sample Size, Maximum Limit and Minimum Limit of each Parameter are entered.
    • Defines Quality Control Parameters for in-house processes. Details include Unit of Measurement, Minimum Standard Value, Maximum Standard Value, Tolerance Limit Flag and Tolerance Limit Value.
    • Specifies Quality Control Parameters for each internal process for an item with reference to its Process Sheet made in Engineering Module.    Sample
    • Facility to copy Quality Control Parameters of one item to another item to reduce data entry time.

Quality Control Functions

    • Allows performing quality checks on all the material received in the warehouse. A list of 'Goods Receipt Notes' pending for QC are displayed to enter Accepted Quantity and Rejected Quantity with Reason and Remarks.    Sample
    • Maintains Test Certificate Numbers for each item belonging to a 'Goods Receipt Note'. Also accepts the Control Parameters attached with each Test Certificate Number and Remarks.   Sample
    • Maintains Quality Checks for material received against authorized Regular GRNs, Cash Purchases, GRNs without PO, Capital GRNs and Customer Supplied GRNs. Allows entering Accepted Quantity and Rejected Quantity with Reason and Remarks   Sample
    • Maintains Quality Checks for material received against returnable and authorized Delivery Challans pending for QC. Allows entering Accepted Quantity and Rejected Quantity with Reason and Remarks.
    • Maintains Quality Checks for material received from customers. Authorized Goods Receipt Notes that are pending for QC are displayed. Allows entering Accepted Quantity and Rejected Quantity with Reason and Remarks.
    • Hard copy of Quality Control Slip.   Sample
    • Maintains Internal Rejections from Shop Floor against ongoing Work Orders. Child items issued to the shop floor to make the parent item of selected Work Order are displayed to enter Rejected Quantity along with Reason and Remarks for rejection.    Sample
      • Authorization of Internal Rejection Note
      • Hard copy of Internal Rejection Note
    • Maintains Vendor Rejection Notes for the following
      • Quality Control
      • Normal  Sample
      • Internal Rejection    Sample
      • Parent Rejection due to Sub-Contracting
      • Parent Rejection due to Raw Material
    • Authorization of Vendor Rejection Notes
    • Hard copy of Vendor Rejection Notes

Reporting system of Quality Control Module

  • Item Rejection and Accepted at QC
  • Vendor wise Maximum Rejection Report
  • Item Pending for QC Report   Sample
  • QC Print
  • Quality Plan for Incoming Material Report
  • QC Register
  • Detail QC Register
  • Process Capability Study Report
  • Report of Rejection Details
  • QC Test Certificate
  • Vendor Quality Rating Report   Sample
  • Test Certificate Report
  • QC Register for In-house QC

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