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" The purchase is certainly no bargain. "

- Benn Steil

     Purchase department of organizations are entrusted with the responsibility of procurements. Irrespective of the type of purchase, the main objective of the department remains to procure material/services and make it available on time. For this purpose, it works closely with various vendors asking for and comparing quotations, negotiating and awarding contracts at the best value. Purchases can be of raw material, bought outs, capital goods, services, consumables and more. But in a manufacturing unit, material procurement for manufacturing is the most active and critical part of the long chain of production. With material requirement plan in place and production schedules made, the next big step is to procure the required materials on time ensuring smooth production. One of the largest modules of IMMS, Purchase integrates closely with the Planning, Production, Stores and Finance modules for efficient purchase management. It caters to a wide range of purchase requirements of a manufacturing company while giving utmost importance to authorizations. Appropriate flags are raised instantly once an Indent or Purchase Order is created or authorized. A relevant reporting system with a huge set of criteria selection completes the Purchase Module


  • Maintenance of Buyers in purchase department.
  • Once procured an item may be consumed in a different form. Purchase Module maintains both Unit of Measurements and respective conversion factors.
  • Definition of purchase related details for each item. This includes whether Indent for purchase/labour is required or not, bulk purchase of item allowed or not, purchase UOM, preferred Vendor, Buyer and Planner. Other details include minimum and maximum ordered quantities, lead time to procure the item and standard rates.
  • A comprehensive database for Vendor management. It registers
    • Extensive Vendor contact details.    Sample
    • Vendor's Excise and Registration details.
    • Various Terms and Conditions related to delivery and payments.
    • Financial details such as TDS, Bank information and Account group to provide integration with Finance module of IMMS.    Sample
    • Any other Vendor related information in the form of a soft copy.
  • Definition of various Tax Slabs along with their respective Category, actual Percentage/Value of tax on purchase rate, whether the tax is included or excluded in the price, Account Group Head for book keeping purpose and whether its effects should be posted in Sales and Purchase Modules.   Sample
  • Definition of various Rate Structures. Allows to club one or more predefined tax slabs which may be applicable for a particular Rate Structure. Rate Structure is used to calculate the item's landed price as per the contained tax slabs.    Sample
  • Maintenance of Item - Vendor Relationship. Allows to link multiple items along their rates and discounts with a vendor. Calculation of item's landed price using its basic price, applicable rate structure and discount offered if any.    Sample
  • Maintenance of Item - Subcontractor Relationship in case of manufactured items. Existing Work Order Process Sheet of the item is available with its default vendor. Details such as the Rate for particular operation, Discount offered and the applicable Rate Structure can be entered for each operation. Final cost of the operation is calculated using these figures.    Sample
  • Allows changing Operation Rate, Rate Structure and Discount for one or more items and one or more vendors for a particular operation.


  • General Indents
    • Option to generate three types of General Indents
      • Regular
      • Labour
      • Capital
    • Option to generate Indent against a particular Customer Order received.    Sample
    • Option to link Sales Job Order against an Indent item thereby providing interface with Planning Module.
    • Purchase Requisition of each item to be procured with details of Quantity and Delivery Date. Validates and distributes quantity as per the required quantity of Sales Job Order.    Sample
    • Authorization of Indents prevents them to be altered.    Sample
    • Allows to cancel only authorized Indents. Once cancelled, Indent is unavailable for any alterations or short closure.
    • Allows Short Closure of authorized Indents.
    • Conversion of Indent to Purchase Order.
  • Service Indents
    • Separate Indent generation for Service related requisitions.
    • Schedule Dates of the services required.
    • Authorization, Cancellation and Short Closure same as General Indents.
    • Conversion of Service Indent to Service Purchase Order.

Purchase Order generation (General Purchase Order, Service Purchase Order, Blanket Purchase Order)

  • General Purchase Orders
    • Option to generate four types of General Purchase Orders
      • Regular
      • Labour
      • Import
      • Capital Goods

    • Acceptance of Inquiries for Purchase directly, against an Indent or for Services.
    • Accepts Direct Inquiries for multiple vendors and multiple items.
    • Multiple Quotations can be maintained and Compared against an Inquiry.   
    • Generation of Purchase Orders from existing Indents. Authorized and pending Indents are available for a particular combination of Vendor, Warehouse and Rate Structure. Additional option to consider only those items which have preferred vendor.    Sample
    • If Indent is not needed for an item, preparing Purchase Orders without indenting them first.    Sample
    • Generation of Purchase Orders for internal operations as well as sub-contracting works.    Sample
    • Records Operation and its Rate for an item for sub-contracting works.
    • For in house operations, open Work Orders for the item are available to choose from.    Sample
    • Maintenance of Labour Rate Contracts with the history of previous Rates, PO quantity and previously Received Quantity of items.
    • Maintains till what date the Labour Rate Contract is valid after which the GRN can not be made.
    • Purchase Order contains item Delivery Schedule, Payment Schedule and other Terms and Conditions.   
    • Authorization of Purchase Orders prevents them from being altered.    Sample
    • Amendments possible in existing Purchase Order only if it is authorized and physically printed.
    • Once a physical print out is taken, it is not possible to un authorize a Purchase Order.
    • History of all amendments maintained with their unique Serial Numbers.
    • Option to authorize Purchase Order amendments.
    • Option to Short Close, Cancel or Hold a Purchase Order and reflecting details in subsequent reports.
    • Allows Short Closure and Hold only if some quantity is received against the Purchase Order.
    • Holding of Purchase Order possible only if none of the items received are pending for quality check.
    • Option to Reopen Purchase Order on Hold.
    • Option to Close a Purchase Order.
    • Generation of a new Purchase Order from an existing one to avoid repetitive data entry.

Service Purchase Orders

    • Option to generate two types of Service Purchase Orders -
      • Service only
      • Work Contract
    • Conversion of a Service Indent to Service Purchase Order
    • Maintenance and authorization of Service Purchase Order.
    • Cancellation, Amendments and Short Closure of Service Purchase Order possible only if it is authorized and physically printed.
    • Once a physical print out is taken, it is not possible to un authorize a Service Purchase Order.
    • Amendment authorization of Service Purchase Order.
  • Blanket Purchase Order
    • Allows to raise a Blanket Purchase Order for frequently procured items whose rates are fixed in advance with a particular vendor.
    • Authorization of Blanket Purchase Order.
    • Allows to amend Blanket Purchase Order only after it is authorized and printed.
    • Generates a Delivery Order against an existing Blanket Purchase Order for a vendor and warehouse.

Reporting system of Purchase Module

  • Pending PO Report   Sample
  • Indent Track Report   Sample
  • Suppliers Monitoring Register   Sample
  • Item Below Minimum Level   Sample
  • Delivery Overdue Report   Sample
  • Estimate Vs Actual Price Report   Sample
  • Action to be Taken Report   Sample

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