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"Production is not the application of tools to materials, but logic to work."

-Peter F. Drucker

     Production department is where all the plans are executed. Its main function is to convert provided inputs into finished products thereby achieving the final goal of timely order deliveries while maintaining highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. The Production department can not work alone. It constantly needs to interact with the Planning department to receive Work Orders, Stores department for its material requirements and Quality Control department for quality related checks on the finished products it produces. Production module of IMMS takes care of all these interactions besides updating the actual time taken by every operation on the shop floor.


  • Maintains all the shifts on each shop floor. Information includes the Shift Description, Start Time of the shift, Total Duration of the shift in hours and Recess Time. End Time and Total Elapsed Time are calculated accordingly.
  • Maintains various Reasons for Idle and Non Productive time on the shop floor.

Requisition Functions

  • Option to raise Extra Requisition for one or more items from a particular warehouse. Allows linking the item to a Work Order and checks that Requisition Quantity should not be more than the on-hand quantity of the item available in the warehouse.   Sample
    • Authorization of Extra Requisitions.
    • Option to Short Close authorized Extra Requisitions.
    • Option to raise Extra Requisitions against an existing Work Order for Shortage Material. Item belonging to the particular Work Order is available to enter the Requisition Quantity.
    • Authorization of Extra Requisition against a Work Order for Shortage Material.

Labor Production Functions

    • Two types of Labor Productions can be entered
        • Labor Production Rework
        • Labor Production Normal
      • Allows entering Operation Details for a particular combination of Sales Job Order, Shop floor, Shift and Work Center.   Sample
      • A list of Work Centers mentioned in the Process Sheet of the manufactured item of Sales Job Order is available to select from.
      • A list of all the Work Orders in process for the above mentioned combination is available to enter the actual operation details.    Sample
      • Operation details include the Setup Time of machine, Operation Time, Idle / Non-Productive Time and Overtime. Also records Quantity of the finished product produced.
      • Sales Job Order wise / Work Order wise / Item wise option to enter details for Labor Jobs. Allows recording Accepted Quantity and Rejected Quantity.
    • Option to return the item from the shop floor back to the ware house from where it was issued.
      • Items belonging to a particular Work Order are displayed with their respective issued quantity, unused quantity and the warehouse. Accepts Return Quantity which should not be more than the Unused Quantity.
      • Authorization and print out of Internal Returns of items.
    • Option to Return Extra Issued items by stores to the shop floor for production purposes. Records the quantity of the item to be returned to the warehouse. Authorization and print out of Returns against Extra Issues to the warehouse.
    • Option to enter Rejections against Extra Issue. Rejected Quantity of the item is entered which has be returned from the shop floor to the warehouse. Authorization and print out of Rejections against the Extra Issue.

Reporting System of Production Module

  • Pending Work Orders
  • Production Detail Report / with value    Sample
  • Labor Job Status Report
  • Internal Rejection / Return Note Report
  • Return Register
  • Pending Extra Requisitions for Extra Issue Register

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