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" Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now. "

- Alan Lakein

     In a manufacturing scenario where multiple customer orders are executed simultaneously, it is very important to align each and every department to ensure timely and successful deliveries. 'Production Planning' of an ERP system is the area largely responsible to fulfil this objective. All other departments work in tandem with it. Planning ensures optimum utilization of time and available resources which broadly means material management, machine capacity planning and, production schedules resulting in maximum value for the investment. Material Requirement Planning is done on the basis of customer order generated by the sales department. Production Plan is prepared using details like raw material availability and procurement time, machine availability and capacity. Finally a production schedule is generated for machines to allocate jobs based on the priorities of production.

Salient features of Planning Module

  • Maintains Planners who are responsible for a particular plan.
  • Generates Forecast Orders for manufactured product or spare part along with its Delivery Quantity, Delivery Date and Planner.   Sample
  • Conversion of Forecast Order to Firm Orders.
  • Autoshop, a unique interface to generate instant Work Order, Purchase Order and Indent through auto allocation against a particular Sales Job Order reflecting these details and Customer Bill of Material / Demand in a comprehensive report .  Sample
  • Generates Sales Job Orders against Customer Orders received by sales department and Forecast Orders.    Sample
  • Separate Sales Job Orders for each manufactured item of an order. Option to enter Job Order specific quantity and delivery date which may differ from order quantity and date but never exceed.
  • Alignment of Sales Job Order with Customer Bill of Material for a specific ordered item in Engineering Module.
  • A Sales Job Order under production can be stopped by Short Closing it. De allocation of related child items is a pre requisite.
  • Generation of 'Demand' against each Job Order. Quantity of each item in Demand is directly affected by the quantity in Customer Bill of Material. The items are multiplied as per Customer Order received.   Sample
  • A 'Demand' further allows the user to do item (parent / child) specific activities such as allocation, de allocation, generating Work Orders or viewing Work Order details and Indent details.   Read More...
  • A host of Work Order related activities allow flexibility during the on going production.   Sample

Reporting System of Planning Module

  • History of Autoshop maintained with respective details
  • Shortage Report
  • Pending Work Orders / due to third party
  • Work Order Routing   Sample
  • Allocation Done But Pending Issue Report  Sample
  • SJO Costing  Sample
  • Shortage Details Report  Sample
  • WIP Report for Child Parts  Sample
  • Work Order Scheduling Report
  • Sales Job Order Status Report
  • Item Status Report
  • Item wise Work Order Requirement Report
  • Work Order / Work Order Amendment Register
  • Sales Job Order / Work Order Details
  • Shop Floor Status Reports
    • Work Centre wise Date wise Loading Report
    • Work Centre utilization Report

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