Integrated Manufacturing Management System (IMMS)

Integrated Manufacturing Management System (IMMS) is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning System designed specifically for the needs of Engineering Manufacturing industries.

IMMS has been conceptualised keeping in mind the needs of Engineering SME companies in India. The engineering companies profit from converting the raw material into finished products using their specialised design of the goods, equipment or machinery that they make. In this process five key areas of operation viz. Engineering (Design), Planning, Production, Purchase and Inventory play a crucial role. The impact of changes in design, either driven by internal compulsions or due to demands of the customer have to be translated in to meaningful information in the form of impact that such changes would have in the area of planning, production, inventory and purchase is beautifully taken care of in IMMS. The fast changing demand-supply equation is dynamically handled on-line in IMMS to provide accurate and timely information on various aspects. The tight integration of the five key areas with Finance and Sales in IMMS makes it a very powerful management tool.

IMMS being a focused ERP solution for Engineering Manufacturing companies need little or no customisation. There are parametric controls available in the form of System Control through which IMMS can be moulded to suit individual organisation needs.

IMMS is very well suited to ISO 9000 certified companies and even those who plan to adopt ISO 9000 standards in their organisations. Since document management is a part of IMMS, implementation of it will automatically ensure compliance in all areas.

IMMS has a fantastic security control mechanism to allow or prohibit the access of information to the users at the lowest possible level. IMMS also tracks the creation or modification of records by stamping the name, date and time on each record.

In a recent study it was found that IMMS implementation resulted in saving of an investment over a competing product in upfront costs and in the cost of ownership over a three-year period in a company when IMMS implementation started and reached double the turn over at the end of third year. In this period the company did not add a single person in its original team.


IMMS is Enterprise Resource Planning software tool designed for engineering manufacturing companies.

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