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"Quality in a product or service is not what the supplier puts in. It is what the customer gets out and is willing to pay for. A product is not quality because it is hard to make and costs a lot of money, as manufacturers typically believe. Customers pay only for what is of use to them and gives them value."

-Peter Drucker

     Manufacturing Engineering is perhaps one of the most rapidly growing areas of modern times, becoming an inseparable part of our lives. Over the period, it has steadily pushed us to explore extreme levels of research and development considerably transforming the way we live. Technically Manufacturing Engineering is what happens when you take a material and change its shape or form to the point where you increase the value of the material. And that is precisely how engineering companies make business. This sounds simple. But in practice it is much more complex. Engineering Module of IMMS is a simplified solution for the most complex activity. Designed specifically to serve typical needs of a discreet manufacturing company, the main focus is on engineering. It is a dynamic platform to record Product sensitive data, product and customer / customer order specific Bill of Material and intermediate Processes involved with the flexibility of authorized amendments and tight integration with Sales, Planning, Production, Purchase and Stores modules of IMMS.

Salient features of Engineering Module

  • Maintains all types of Items. Grouping of items as per client requirement.   Read more...    Sample
  • Allows recording weight of an item by maintaining its density, dimensions and pieces.
  • Maintains a Product Structure for every manufactured item up to unlimited levels. Further used to make Customer Bill of Material.   Read More...    Sample
  • Allows changes in already existing Structure of an item through Engineering Changes Note (ECN). Original structure affected only once the new changes are applied. History of ECN is maintained as a part of database.
  • Machine and Labor details belonging to different shop floors along with their respective rates and overheads. Helps in scheduling work centers for various processes.
  • Record of various in-house and sub-contracted processes required during manufacturing of the item helps to keep track of shop floor activities. Time schedules are maintained for all operations. Specifies work centers engaged in internal operations whereas labor costs for external operations. Quality checks taken care if required for a specific operation.   Sample
  • Customer Bill of Material is generated in accordance with the Sales Order received from the customer. Initially a replica of the Product Structure of an ordered item, it can be changed as per the actual requirements of that item for a given customer order.   Sample
  • Production takes over once a Customer Bill of Material is finalized.
  • Customer Changes Note (CCN) allows modifying the Customer Bill of Material while particular customer order is under execution at shop by adding and/or removing a child item for a particular parent item.

Reporting System of Engineering Module:

  • Explosions (Product Structure / Customer BOM)
    • Single level
    • Multi level
    • Multi level - Vertical
    • Actual Multi level - Vertical
    • Summarized
  • Implosions (Product Structure / Customer BOM)
    • Single level
    • Multi level
    • Summarized
  • Single / Multi level common - uncommon
  • ECN/CCN Print
  • BOM Print
  • ECN/CCN Register
  • ECN Error Analysis
  • Product Structure Costing of Item
  • Costing Report for Sales Job Order
  • Capacity Requirement Report

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